Intimate Heaven – new 2012 album

4 03 2012
INTIMATE HEAVEN ( ) is Bruno Susio’s new release for Smart Note Records. It explores intimate feelings and thoughts about life, people, joy and love. 11 jazzy-soul 2012 original tunes written in Bruno Susio’s style.
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Album Credits
Bruno Susio – Composer, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Effects
Mimisoul (*) – Vocals
Tony King (**): Guitars
Neil Swainson (**): Bass
Miles Black (**): Piano
Terry Clarke (**): Drums
(*) Courtesy of Smart Note Records
(**) Courtesy of PG Music
Michele Barbalato: Photos
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Smart Note Studios – Milano (Italy) – sept. 2011 – febr.2012. For information and contacts please write at:

Bruno Susio - Intimate Heaven - 2012 Smart Note Records

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18 06 2011

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The Little Prince is here

15 05 2011

“THE LITTLE PRINCE” (my tribute) is now available on Jamendo free archives. Listen to the Bruno’s groovy sound inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery masterpiece. The EP is produced and distributed by SMART NOTE RECORDS (

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Bruno Susio is a composer and producer. Plays guitar & keyboards with a soul-rythm’n’blues-jazz taste.
Bruno has many musical collaboration with artists in Europe, Russia and USA, writing songs for professional singers.
He is founder of Smart Note Records, a record label devoted to promote soul-funky music from the Italian scene.

At the moment Bruno is directly involved in promoting and producing some projects with several italian artists. Among them:
- The SusioSoulSquad;
- Oskar&Bruno;
- Mimisoul;
- Symbola.

In the past, Bruno was founder of well-known bands on the italian soul, ska, rythm’n’blues and mod scene in the early eighties.

Amongst them:

- the Road Runners: beat, soul, rocksteady  band;

- the Europeans: rythm’n’blues band with original sounds;

- the Chinaski Club: a seven members band with brass section for powerful jazzy and blue note tunes.

2011 Projects

10 01 2011
Bruno Susio

Bruno Susio

Bruno is now working on a brand new album dedicated to Antoine De Saint Exupery’s Litte Prince (Le Petit Prince).
It is a tribute to the most loved book on friendship and love.
The album will be available at the end of January 2011.  
For pre-info and request send email at (Smart Note Records)